“Xbox IS YOURS! – Fans laugh at PlayStation after their latest announcement

The Warfare console between the American studio Xbox and the Japanese studio PlayStation, entered the next-gen phase with the release of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X / S last year. Some fans were skeptical of the two devices, and in the initial phase, it seemed like the PlayStation device had the upper hand.


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However, a year later things have changed dramatically for the two gaming giants. PlayStation’s list of exclusives may have helped it win wars, but the PS5 is failing to stack up. Xbox, on the other hand, managed to have its best year yet, revealing an incredible roster of exclusive titles with Game Pass’s winning combo.

Fans have now started to poke fun at the PS in its latest thread, about dull versions of the PS5.


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Twitter reacts to latest PlayStation post

The latest post on Fall Guys’ new season for PS5 rubbed fans the wrong way. The community took this opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with the current list of titles for PS5. Gamers have also expressed their love for the Xbox as the US studio has made amends by rolling out an incredible array of titles lately.

The PS5 currently has a limited number of games that fans can play. With nothing to plug in and play, this makes the console an expensive movie player.

It is indeed quite painful to cross all the obstacles to buy the device, to find hardly any game to play. Sony needs to step up the pace in terms of new releases in order to keep the fan base.

Xbox might not have the best console according to a certain fan base, but its current roster of games for the X / S series is truly impressive.

Fans demand answers. Will the PlayStation team take over and answer calls? The community is asking for more titles to play as all major releases are a long way from release.

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“Xbox OWNS you” is the only slogan circulating on the Internet. How will the PlayStation team react for the foreseeable future?

Fans only have one thing to say, Xbox is better and the whole thread is filled with angry tweets.


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Fans continue to spam the post, claiming that the Xbox is better than the PS. Looks like the US studio has won 2021, but there are still more borders where this war needs to be fought.


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Agree with fans’ reaction to the lack of PS5 titles? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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