You won’t believe inside Shannon Holly’s fridge

I’ll never hear the end of this …

My co-host, Lou is always on top of these things … he informs me that today is “National Clean Your Refrigerator Day” and he was wondering what kind of refrigerator I was keeping. He went further and asked my daughter to send a picture of our fridge and I feel pretty broken. . .

Do you know the MTV Cribs show? They were still looking inside the owner’s refrigerator because that says a lot about a person. I love to see what people eat and drink … these choices interest me for some reason. Also manner someone is keeping their fridge is also saying something.

So out of the blue, Lou asked my daughter Bella to take a picture of our fridge before school and text her. Yeah, I’m screwed … for being totally compulsive. It’s here…

Photo credit: Shannon’s daughter Bella as she breaks her mom on National Fridge Clean Day

Unfortunately, the worst is not to be exposed for my hyper-compulsive tendencies, it’s the only Yoplait yogurt that isn’t completely outward-facing that drives me crazy! Without a doubt my daughter, Bella, did it for my own good. MDR!

How often do you clean your refrigerator? Am I alone on an island or does someone else have a fridge like this? Please say I have a spirit animal there! Send me your photos to [email protected]

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