Young Japanese lawmaker calls for NHK jamming system, says she doesn’t own a TV

Liberal Democratic Party member Kimi Onoda speaks during a session of the House of Councilors Budget Committee on December 17, 2021 (Mainichi / Kan Takeuchi)

TOKYO – A junior member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in Japan on December 17 called on the public broadcaster NHK to introduce a scrambling system, under which only people who wish to watch NHK programs pay a fee. subscription for conditional access.

The broadcaster is set to launch a demo test of online program streaming for those who do not own a TV in fiscal year 2022. At a meeting of the House of Councilors budget committee On December 17, junior lawmaker Kimi Onoda said of the plan: “If they’re trying to charge for internet programs, it’s just shameful. ”

The upper house lawmaker told the committee: “People today, especially young people, do not watch television. I myself have not owned a television for 20 years. She added, “I’ve heard of pressure to get charges on the Internet (streaming viewers).”

Home Affairs and Communications Minister Yasushi Kaneko replied, “We are not currently considering asking those who do not have a TV again to pay subscription fees,” to which Onoda replied. : “I ask you never to consider it.

Onoda then added, “The current system forces those who can receive NHK programs to pay the fees. Will they charge anyone in the world if their distribution is extended to the Internet? She said, “What they should be aiming for is to introduce a scrambling system.”

(Japanese original by Hiroyuki Tanaka, Department of Political News)

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